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Frequently Asked Questions


The vehicles shown in the pictures and in the video are two prototypes. They are the final result of two years of development and continual improvement. These fully functioning swimming caravans are the product of several test periods ranging from an intensive analysis of technical and construction criteria to observation of the SEALANDER in different surroundings. They are authorized for use on the road and on inland waters.

The SEALANDER was presented to the public at its world premiere at the trade fair Caravan Salon 2011 in Duesseldorf, Germany.


This prototype of the SEALANDER has been developed and optimised to fulfil its desired function whilst complying with regulations and will be produced in series accordingly. The interior space as currently presented, demonstrates what is possible within an area of 305 * 156 cm. In serial production the furnishings will provide everything necessary for a self-sufficient trip (and on request even more). It will be equipped with a cooking and washing-up unit, cooler and heater, as well as a table and two benches, which can be converted into a spacious sleeping area. Additionally a toilet option in form of a "Porta-Potti" is possible. The furnishings and details will be improved upon during the manufacturing process and will ultimately be fitted by hand, guaranteeing high quality.
The standard model will be available in various materials and colours, which can be varied on request.


The SEALANDER is completely manufactured in Germany. The outer shell is produced manually in one piece with glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) by hand lay-up composide molding.
Thus the body provides exceptional shape stability and high quality material, which are seldom found in caravan production.

The lower shell of the monocoque construction has double flooring, which is split into several closed air chambers, thereby preventing water from seeping in, even in the case of a leak and therefore making the swimming caravan unsinkable.

Moving about

Owing to the integrated waterproof chassis the SEALANDER can be let into water and pulled out without need of a boat slip or trailer system, simply by using the towing vehicle. Due to its light weight it can even be hauled out by hand, depending on the nature of the landing area. Thanks to the width of the lower shell the depth of the SEALANDER is minimal. Moreover it ensures a stable position on water which is supported by the location of the chassis at the balance point.


Since we are still on the verge of serial production it is currently impossible to give an exact price. Moreover the cost will also depend on the range of fittings and materials that are used.
Probably the standard model including a fully furnished interior with a cooking and washing-up unit, cooler, heater and an adequate electric outboard engine will be offered for about 15,000 Euro.

The price is a result of the use of high quality materials and the fact that the SEALANDER is made in Germany. It will also depend on individual equipment and furnishing requirements. Last but not least, the high security standards, which the SEALANDER complies with on land as on water, also influence the final price. Specific price details and information about the various furnishings on offer will soon be available at

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